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How to set up Other Email on Outlook 2016

We can use other types of emails other than Hotmail on Outlook 2016. However, you will need to set up Email on Outlook. Here, I will help you do that.

How to set up Other Email on Outlook 2016

Start Outlook. Here we use Outlook 2016.

Then go to “File> Info> Add new Account” menu to add the company mail account to the Outlook software.

A new window will appear. You will not be able to enter the information in the table, but select “Manual setup or additional server types”. Then select Next to configure your corporate email information in the Outlook software.

Then select Next to go through the next installation step.

In the “Choose Service” section select “POP or IMAP”. Then click Next to go through the next installation.

Next enter your corporate email information in the “POP and IMAP Account Settings” section:

  • Your Name: This is the name that the recipient of the mail you send will see what your name is.
  • Email Address: Enter your company mail.
  • Account Type: To default is POP3.
  • Incoming mail server: This information is asking for IT (usually Mail.yourcompanyname example of my company is Here my company uses Google mail so the Incoming mail server section will fill it as “”
  • Outgoing mail server (MTP): Same as above.
  • User Name: Your name (eg, User name is admin)
  • Password: Your email login password.

Also in the “POP and IMAP Account Settings” window click on “More Settings” … look at the picture to see the button and after selecting the interface will look like the picture below.

We select the “Outgoing server” tab. You choose “My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.

Then you go through the “Advanced” tab and configure as shown below (depending on your mail server’s parameters).

  • Incoming server (POP3): 995.
  • Check this “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” If your corporate mail server uses SSL encryption.
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): 445.
  • Người dùng sau kiểu encrypted: SSL. If your corporate mail server uses the SSL encryption protocol.
  • Remove from server after: 14. This means that mail will be deleted from the server for as many days, depending on your choice, because once you have downloaded the mail to the computer, deleting is not always important.

Then select “OK” to finish configuring corporate email on Outlook.

Once you have configured the corporate email on outlook. Outlook will automatically send an email to the company that you have configured on Outlook to check that the mail company that you just configured on Outlook has sent and received the email.

As shown below, your corporate email on Outlook is working fine.

So we have finished configuring company mail on Outlook.