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How to delete Google+ account keeps a Gmail account

In addition to the popular Google services that users will be using after creating a Google Account such as Gmail, Youtube, you will be using the added Google+ social network. This Google+ social circle supports many features such as Circles to connect your contacts in your account to shared sharing groups. Or Hangouts is for group chat with video, ..

So if you do not want to use Google+ and want to delete your Google+ account, does that mean we have to delete your Google account, Gmail account? In fact, Google+ shares the same Google Account with Gmail, but you can completely delete your Google+ account while still keeping your Gmail account in a very simple way.

How to delete Google+ still retains the Gmail account

Note to users, before deleting your Google+ account, you need to double check all the data on your account and then back up the necessary Google+ data.

Step 1:

If you are signing in to a Google+ account, at the main Google+ page, click on Settings.

Or, we can quickly access the link below to open the Settings page on Google+.

Step 2:

Switch to the new drop down menu at the bottom of the interface, click on Delete your Google+ profile in the Account area.

Step 3:

To confirm the account holder, the user will need to enter the password for the Google account. Enter your password and click Next to continue.

Step 4:

In the Delete your Google+ profile view, dragging down will have 2 options for deleting your Google+ account. Check both options to agree to the terms that Google has announced. Press the Delete button to agree to delete the account is complete.

Finally, Google will ask you why you want to delete your Google+ account. Opt in to the reasons that Google provides, or you can click on Other and then click Submit to complete the deletion of your Google+ account.

The Google+ account has been deleted without deleting your Gmail account. All Gmail account data remains the same. If you want to re-create your Google+ account just click the Join Google+ button to re-join.