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How to create Gmail, Google Account?

A Google Account helps you download apps from the Google Play store, send Gmail and access many other Google gadgets. This article will guide you to register for a new Google account.

Before proceeding to register you need to prepare:

  • Phone or computer with internet access.
  • Some phones are used to activate the account after registration (Note: one phonenumber only registered about 3 times, should use phone number has never been used to register account).

Sign up Gmail account

Step 1: Visit the registration site here

Step 2: Fill in the necessary information.

  • Full Name: Enter your full name in this field
  • Choose username: username can be letters or numbers and must be 6 characters long (note: username can not be the same as registered person)
  • Generate password: Password consists of 8 characters or more, preferably both letters and numbers
  • Confirm your password: Enter the password you entered in the Create Password section
  • Birthday: fill in the date of birth and year of birth
  • Gender: sex selection
  • Mobile phone: Select the area code and then enter your phone number (Note: this phone number must receive the message to receive activation message from Google)

After filling in the information you choose to continue.

Step 3: Then appear the security panel and terms, we scroll down at the bottom of the text I agree will emerge, click here.

Step 4: Continue to select Text message and select Continue.

Step 5: The machine will ask for the activation code as shown below:

The activation code will be sent to the phone number you entered at the top of the message, the image below is the message received from Google, The number behind the G is the verification code, in your example the verification code. will be “938393”, I will enter this code into the verification code box and click continue, if the screen appears as shown below, you have successfully created the account.