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Guide to check mail on Outlook

Checking mail in Outlook is important for mail users. Time to automatically check mail on Outlook for a long time today, I will guide you how to customize the check mail on Outlook.

Note: This tutorial will guide you on the 2016 outlook as you can apply on the other outlook.

Outlook mail check time wizard:

Step 1: On the interface you choose the file as shown below.

Step 2: You choose Options to enter the settings of outlook.

Step 3: When the Outlook Options dialog box appears, select Advanced

Step 4: In the Advanced dialog you will find Send / Receive ….

Step 5: When the Send / Receive Group dialog box appears, you will notice the Setting for group all Accounts section. Find the Schedule an automatic sen.receive every setting you like. Under your edit is two then 2 minutes outlook will automatically check mail to try new mail and then outlook will notify me if there is new mail.

So you can set the time to send and receive mail on Outlook then. You can apply it to Hotmail account, Gmail or any type of email. Good luck!