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Gmail POP3

If you configure your mail in Gmail or Outlook, you usually see POP3 and IMAP terms. These are the settings for storing your emails and data.

If you normally go offline and want to save all your files and e-mails on your computer or laptop, you should save the mail traffic from your Gmail address as a POP3 email.

How do you set up POP3 for Gmail?

You can only save POP3 via Gmail in a mail program installed on your computer or laptop. For example, we take Outlook Express.

1. Open Outlook Express

Click on the Outlook Express icon, the program will open.

2. Add E-mail

Go to ‘Add’ -> ‘Account’ -> ‘Add’ -> ‘E-mail’ in the main menu.

Enter your Gmail account details into this form.


Complete the e-mail server Enter the following information in the form:

E-mail to: POP.GMAIL.COM
E-mail sent: SMTP.GMAIL.COM
Account name : Gmail account email address

Password :

Gmail account password

Once completed, click next and then finish.

Gmail account properties

Your Gmail POP3 email account is now being created in Outlook Express. Now click ‘Account’ in the main menu and select your newly created Gmail account. Then go to the server section and check “This server requires authentication”. Then go to the Advanced section and check SMTP and POP3. You need a secure SSL connection for POP3.

Make sure the port number of your outgoing mail server is also 465, if this is not the case for complications that may arise when sending mail through Outlook Express.


Now you just have to forward your Gmail account to POP3. You must do this on the Gmail website.

If you are logged in, you must go to install / install. Go to the forwarding option and select the POP option. Select ‘Enable POP for all’ here.

Because all incoming and outgoing mail with POP3 are removed from the server by default when you download them on your computer, Gmail provides an additional service. You can indicate that your Gmail settings will continue to make a backup of your Gmail account.

Install the e-mail application

Go to your client, such as Microsoft Outlook, and check the settings.

Server for incoming messages (POP) requires: yes

Port: 995

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires: yes

TLS required: yes (if available)

Verification required: yes

Port for SSL: 465

Port for TLS / STARTTLS: 587

If you use Gmail with your work or school account , contact your administrator about the correct SMTP configuration.

Timeouts from the server More than 1 minute (5 is recommended)
Full name or display name Your name
Account name, username or e-mail address your e-mail adress
password Your Gmail password