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Gmail Notifier

Gmail Notifier is a useful tool that Google has developed for Gmail. With the Gmail Notifier, Gmail users can receive notifications on their screen as soon as they receive an email. With Gmail Notifier, you never have to sign in to Gmail again to see if you’ve received an email.

When you install Notifier, Gmail Notifier will appear prominently on your desktop. You see an envelope in the taskbar (Windows) or in the top bar (Mac). If you have received, you will see an alert or pop up on your screen an email, listed in this popup window where you received an email and you will see what the title of email, underneath a text from e-mail. Gmail Notifier will automatically check itself every 5 minutes if a new message sits in your inbox.

Receiving a Gmail notification is also an option to go directly to the Gmail site and search for new emails yourself.

Gmail Notifier Settings

To set up and use Gmail Notifier, you must follow the steps below.

Download and install

Gmail Notifier Download Gmail Notifier, this can be done through this link. Open the program if you have downloaded the program. Follow the instructions on your screen after opening. Enter your Gmail account details during installation. This allows the Gmail Notifier to access your Gmail account to verify that you have received the email.

Use Gmail Notifier

Once installed, there is a white envelope with a blue border in your taskbar or top bar. As soon as you receive an e-mail, a popup will appear with this envelope. In addition to these notifications, you are the user also have the opportunity to take action. You can manually check whether you have received an e-mail, access your Gmail directly, and close the program so that you no longer receive notifications on the screen.