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Gmail login

Login Gmail on your computer to check email, send email to friends, or receive email. or Facebook activation email every time you sign up for Facebook using Gmail, etc…

On mobile devices running Android and iPhone we have applications for Gmail login provided by Google, but on your computer you need to visit to be able to login and check Gmail email.

Gmail Login on a Web browser on computer

When you have a Gmail account you can sign in to check email, email or download documents for your friends to share.

However, if you do not have a Gmail account then you need to register for new Gmail.

If you want to sign up for Gmail, click here to see instructions for creating your own Gmail account.

What is a Gmail address?

The Gmail address is Google’s email address, followed by, where you can easily find your Gmail address all over the internet, such as,… Gmail address for sending email: you can send text, documents, pictures, audio software from your computer to friends via their email address.

To read the message you send via Gmail, just log in to Gmail or their email to view, With the mail through Gmail it takes less than 1, 2 seconds to be able to send mail to relatives either way 1 round the world.

Gmail login instructions

Step 1: Access through your web browser:

The Gmail login interface looks like this:

Step 2: Enter your email address, my example is

Click Next or “Next” to continue the Gmail login.

Step 3: Enter your gmail password to Gmail automatically login.

Click “Sign in” to login your Gmail email account. If the password is correct, the loading interface ************** appears as follows.

However, if you enter the wrong password you will receive the message “Wrong password. Try again or click Forgot password to reset it” as shown below:

Once successfully logged in and all the email content downloaded, you will see a Gmail interface that looks like this:

Note: Components in the Gmail interface

1. Red part: These are email sorting tags by categories:

Primary Card: Contains important emails that people send to you

Social Cards: All emails from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or other forums sent to you are automatically added to the social tag.

+ Ad Tags: It’s great Gmail can see what emails are ads and filter them to the Ad tags so the Primary tag is very clean, you’re not bothered a lot.

2. The green part:

In the green section lists the entire email you received in your inbox, the emails you read will be in lower case, and the emails you have not read will be highlighted as shown in the picture. on.

The mailing list is divided into three sections: the sender’s name, the title and a small snippet of the message in the second column, and the time in the third column.

3. At the purple: The Submit button is for when you want to send a message to someone, click on it to open the Gmail email tool.

4. In the blue section: You’ll see the Inbox, Starred, Sent, Drafts, and more. This is the place to categorize the types of incoming and outgoing mail, which are important messages that are not easily accessible to you. Just click on each item you will understand.

Check Gmail, Open Email and Delete Email

To open a message just click on the message headline that is open to read, a Gmail message looks like this:


How to delete 1 or more emails in Gmail:

If you receive too many emails every day and want to delete them, or you receive strange emails do not want to read because it may be viruses, advertising or spam emails, or email Gmail has finished reading and then deleted for If you have a large space then you do the following:

To delete one or more emails in your gmail list, just check the email that you want to delete, then click the Delete button as shown below:

To sign in to Gmail securely and not be afraid to lose your Gmail account:

The status of Gmail after login but forget to exit outside the net and then change the Gmail password is a lot so to avoid losing Gmail account when signing in Gmail net or other computers note as follows:

– Set Gmail password long unpredictable.

– Type the password fast and do not let the stranger see the keyboard at typing.

– When logging in strange machine, net shop missing the button “Maintain login”.

– After using Gmail, remember to sign out of your Gmail account so that others will not be able to send you junk email or hijack your Gmail by changing your password:

– How to sign out of Gmail: Simply click on the small iCon in the upper right corner, then click the “Sign Out” button as shown above.

Please note: If you do not sign out whether you close the browser tab or close the browser, when people go to your email will automatically login again. Be careful when Gmail logs in.