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Gmail business – Gsuite

Gmail is a handy mailing program for using businesses in your company.

Everything through the cloud

With Gmail, you can receive and send e-mail anywhere in the world. You only need a laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet connection. All files and e-mails are placed on the server so you can access your information anywhere. This allows you, for example, when you are on your way to an appointment, just go through the mails on your iPhone to go through all the important information about the appointment.

Email addresses have their own domain

Google gives companies the option of using Gmail with their own domain. Think of the e-mail address: By using these e-mail addresses in your company, employees can work more conveniently with their e-mail address and a more professional and professional business for the outside world.

There are costs associated with e-mail addresses with your own domain name. But as a paid customer at Google, you get your own storage, so you can easily use other services and products at Google. Think about Google Drive, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Google Plus.

By using the Google services above, companies can do a lot of their work online and in the cloud. This is a new and more effective way of working.

Use Gmail Business

Interested in using Gmail? Then, check out the Google site. Here’s more information on using Gmail in your company.