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Explore the useful features of Gmail

Perhaps you have mastered the basic features of the Gmail service such as setting up contacts, sending emails, etc. But Gmail has many other useful things that you may not know …

If you are using this free e-mail service, there will be many instructions to use Gmail, tips, tips you really own Gmail.

Here are five tips for using Gmail that are seldom mentioned. If you know more tips, please share with us and other readers by commenting below the article.

Send and save messages in the same operation

If you send a message and immediately archive conversations, you can save yourself one step by adding a Send & Archive button. Open Settings and activate this feature by clicking the Send & Archive / Show “Submit and Archive” button in the reply.

Attach multiple attachments quickly to an email

In cases where your email requires attaching multiple attachments, you usually have to upload each one. But there is a simple tip: If you want to send multiple files from a folder, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each file you want to attach to your message.

Then many files will be selected at the same time, just click Open after selecting the file to Gmail attached to the email is.

Classify unread and read messages

In the search box enter the label: unread label: inbox. After that, Gmail will display all emails that have not been opened in chronological order for you to choose.

In contrast, to choose which emails to read, you enter the label: read label: inbox into the search box, Gmail will filter out the messages you have read.

Set up automatic email response

To let people in your contact list know that you are away for a long day, choose how to set up an automated email response.

The vacation response feature automatically sends a notification to the person who sent you the email, with the exception of junk messages or messages that are included in the mailing list that requires your consent. If a contact comes back to you after four days, Gmail will automatically send another notification to remind them that you are still away.

To set it up, click on the gear icon located on the upper right of Gmail and select Settings. From the General tab, select Enable vacation responder. Next, you choose the time to turn on auto responder on the first and last days, typing in the subject and the text of the message you want others to receive in the Messenger box.

Check the option Send only reply to people in my Contacts if you want only people on the list to receive this message. Hit the Save Changes button to save the settings.

Fast mail operations with shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcut to speed up your mail. First enable this feature by clicking the Settings link at the top of the Gmail page. Click Keyboard shortcuts on, then Save Changes.