Database: IBM associates Db2 with machine learning

Facilitate the analysis and creation by developers of machine learning models in applications using Db2, this is IBM’s goal.

IBM has upgraded its Db2 database software. Developer-oriented, version 11.5 of the solution supports more drivers .

Different programming languages and open source frameworks are supported. Go, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Node.js and Sequelize are among the languages ​​supported.

Other tools, including the Visual Studio Code Editor and the Jupyter notebook open source web application, are supported.

The most recent drivers are available on GitHub .

IBM aims to facilitate data analysis and the creation of machine learning models in applications using Db2.

And that’s not all.

“Db2, AI database”

“Db2 11.5 users can ask questions to Db2 and receive results in the form of data visualizations and summaries written in natural language. The Augmented Data Explorer is a containerized tool, “said the group.

In addition, the latest features of the data virtualization technology designed by the US multinational are proposed with Db2 11.5.

With this version 11.5, IBM explains having “rationalized its portfolio in three editions sharing the same common code base: Db2, Db2 Standard and Db2 Advanced. “

In addition, Db2 11.5 also has an SQL engine. This allows, among other things, access to the data of each offer of the existing Db2 catalog (Warehouse, Big SQL, Integrated Analytics System, IBM PureData System for Analytics (Netezza technology) etc.).

Access to third-party IT heavyweight solutions (Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift …) is also facilitated.

For IBM, it is more broadly to support the growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) among its customers. In short: make “Db2 the database of AI. “

Trial versions and developers of IBM Db2 can be downloaded for free.