Cloud storage: IBM updates its Storwise range with AWS

The renewed Storwize portfolio embeds IBM Spectrum Virtualize and provides improved performance at a lower cost than older models.

IBM has strengthened its multicloud approach and renewed its range of Storwize storage systems. After dusting the V7000 family, the group boosts the V5000. The Storwize V5010E and V5030E systems were launched. These entry-level models are designed to provide “enterprise-level” storage capabilities. And support for artificial intelligence (AI) applications and advanced data analysis.

The V5010E provides customers with storage capabilities based on the NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) specification, which is 30% cheaper than the V5010 it replaces, an IBM channel manager told CRN . The capabilities of the V5010E can be up to 12 petabytes. And support up to 392 Flash drives.

The Storwize V5130E, successor to the V5130, can support up to 1,520 Flash drives.

Other new additions to the Storwize family include the Storwize V5100 and V5100F arrays . They are based on IBM Flashcore hardware architecture certified FIPS 140-2 ( security and encryption standard established by the United States Government) and the NVMe interface specification to reduce latency. The goal: to provide more mid-market customers with high-performance, secure Flash storage.

IBM Virtual Spectrum for Public Cloud

The new Storwize systems natively integrate the IBM Spectrum Virtualize storage virtualization solution . It can connect to more than 450 different non-IBM bays.

In addition, the IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud edition can now be deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud , in addition to IBM Cloud, to facilitate data migrations in a hybrid environment.

Finally, Big Blue said in a blog post plan to extend the storage of software-defined storage (SDS) running in containers. The IBM Spectrum Virtualize, Spectrum Scale and Cloud Object Storage offerings are concerned.