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How to change Gmail password (Google Account password)

You first need to understand that Gmail is a Google email service, and any Google service that shares the same account, such as your Gmail account, you already have accounts. Other Google services like YouTube, CH Play, Google Plus … and that account are collectively referred to as Google Accounts.

As such, changing your Gmail password is just a matter of changing your Google Account password, and of course changing the password of other accounts will change accordingly.

Here are the steps to change your Google password (change your Gmail password).

You can click the linkĀ to go directly to step 5, if you do not remember the link then follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: Just go to and sign in if you are not logged in.

Step 2: Once logged in you click the menu icon (9 square dots), select Account c … (my account).

Step 3: Click “Sign in to Google”.

Step 4: Click “Password”.

Step 5: Sign in again and provide new password twice that upper case, lower case, numbers and a special

  • Once the password is entered, click on change password button to confirm changes.

Accomplished! Simply not? Because it is so simple, please change your password regularly to ensure your account is secure! About 1 month change is the most reasonable.