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How to delete Google+ account keeps a Gmail account

In addition to the popular Google services that users will be using after creating a Google Account such as Gmail, Youtube, you will be using the added Google+ social network. This Google+ social circle supports many features such as Circles to connect your contacts in your account to shared sharing groups. Or Hangouts is for group chat with video, ..

So if you do not want to use Google+ and want to delete your Google+ account, does that mean we have to delete your Google account, Gmail account? In fact, Google+ shares the same Google Account with Gmail, but you can completely delete your Google+ account while still keeping your Gmail account in a very simple way.

How to delete Google+ still retains the Gmail account

Note to users, before deleting your Google+ account, you need to double check all the data on your account and then back up the necessary Google+ data.

Step 1:

If you are signing in to a Google+ account, at the main Google+ page, click on Settings.

Or, we can quickly access the link below to open the Settings page on Google+.

Step 2:

Switch to the new drop down menu at the bottom of the interface, click on Delete your Google+ profile in the Account area.

Step 3:

To confirm the account holder, the user will need to enter the password for the Google account. Enter your password and click Next to continue.

Step 4:

In the Delete your Google+ profile view, dragging down will have 2 options for deleting your Google+ account. Check both options to agree to the terms that Google has announced. Press the Delete button to agree to delete the account is complete.

Finally, Google will ask you why you want to delete your Google+ account. Opt in to the reasons that Google provides, or you can click on Other and then click Submit to complete the deletion of your Google+ account.

The Google+ account has been deleted without deleting your Gmail account. All Gmail account data remains the same. If you want to re-create your Google+ account just click the Join Google+ button to re-join.

Explore the useful features of Gmail

Perhaps you have mastered the basic features of the Gmail service such as setting up contacts, sending emails, etc. But Gmail has many other useful things that you may not know …

If you are using this free e-mail service, there will be many instructions to use Gmail, tips, tips you really own Gmail.

Here are five tips for using Gmail that are seldom mentioned. If you know more tips, please share with us and other readers by commenting below the article.

Send and save messages in the same operation

If you send a message and immediately archive conversations, you can save yourself one step by adding a Send & Archive button. Open Settings and activate this feature by clicking the Send & Archive / Show “Submit and Archive” button in the reply.

Attach multiple attachments quickly to an email

In cases where your email requires attaching multiple attachments, you usually have to upload each one. But there is a simple tip: If you want to send multiple files from a folder, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each file you want to attach to your message.

Then many files will be selected at the same time, just click Open after selecting the file to Gmail attached to the email is.

Classify unread and read messages

In the search box enter the label: unread label: inbox. After that, Gmail will display all emails that have not been opened in chronological order for you to choose.

In contrast, to choose which emails to read, you enter the label: read label: inbox into the search box, Gmail will filter out the messages you have read.

Set up automatic email response

To let people in your contact list know that you are away for a long day, choose how to set up an automated email response.

The vacation response feature automatically sends a notification to the person who sent you the email, with the exception of junk messages or messages that are included in the mailing list that requires your consent. If a contact comes back to you after four days, Gmail will automatically send another notification to remind them that you are still away.

To set it up, click on the gear icon located on the upper right of Gmail and select Settings. From the General tab, select Enable vacation responder. Next, you choose the time to turn on auto responder on the first and last days, typing in the subject and the text of the message you want others to receive in the Messenger box.

Check the option Send only reply to people in my Contacts if you want only people on the list to receive this message. Hit the Save Changes button to save the settings.

Fast mail operations with shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcut to speed up your mail. First enable this feature by clicking the Settings link at the top of the Gmail page. Click Keyboard shortcuts on, then Save Changes.

Gmail search syntax

Gmail search has been around for quite some time, however, to get the most out of your search, you need to take advantage of some of the same tricks that you’ll find on Google.

Search syntax

For the results of an email search or email content is correct, you need to use the following syntax:

* Search by label. Gmail allows users to manage email by label, which is very convenient. For each type of email, users can create a label like “Network Administrator”, and then create a filter that automatically assigns this label to the email address sent to the mail address

Syntax: label:keyword. For example: label: admin network wizard (return result is the email labeled network administrator and contains the word wizard).

* Use quotation marks (“”) to return exact matches of keyword-based emails within quotes.

Syntax “keyword to search”. For example, “network administrator posts”.

* Subject (subject): Search for email with the subject title.

Syntax “subject: search keyword” (excluding quotation marks). For example: subject: message from network administrator.

* Search by Origin (from): The results will look for emails that originated from “search keywords”.

The syntax is “from: sender name or full email address” (excluding quotation marks). For example: from: network administrator or from:

In contrast, you can also find emails that send to (address) a certain address with the same syntax, rather than from to. Also, the same applies for email attachments (cc) and anonymous attachments (bcc), replacing cc or bcc with the location of.

* Find in folders: Gmail mailboxes are divided into folders such as inbox, trash, spam .. and when you are in the directory, the search results will Only show emails in that folder. So, if the syntax is in: label name or print: inbox / trash / spam / anywhere (where is find all directories). Example: To find emails assigned a certain label, type in: network administrator (network administrator is the name of the label) or print: network administrator inbox to find the email in the mailbox with the network administrator letter.

* Search by status. In Gmail, in addition to the label, you have other types of email markers, such as starred. Therefore, when looking for an email with starred content as you like, then typing the syntax is:starred keyword search.

If you want to search for unread/read or chat (Gtalk in Gmail) type is: syntax is: unread/read/chat keyword search.

* Search by time. If you can remember the time it takes to find the email, you can easily find a fixed time period with the syntax:

– before: yyyy/mm/dd Keyword search: find emails before the time set. For example: before: 2018/12/30 good luck New Year will filter out emails with letters New Year sent before 30-12-2018.

Likewise, email arrives after a timeline with the following syntax: yyyy/mm/dd or a combination of before and after to search for a specific time period.

For example: after: 2019/01/15 before: 2018/12/30 happy New Year

* Search by file name. Emails with attachments can still be found via the filename syntax: filename.format (format is the file format).

For example we need to find the file gmaillogin.pdf attached in an email from the mailbox then type filename:gmaillogin.pdf.

If you do not remember the filename, you can find and filter only with the file format. The syntax would be filename: format. For example: filename: pdf.

Finally, to find all the email attachments (file attachment), use the has: attachment.

For example: from:gmailloginentrar has: attachment, the result returned will be the email from gmailloginentrar attached file.

Search matching

The search syntax may be combined to define the search results for the most accurate results. When the number of emails over several years up to several thousand to tens of thousands, the application of the syntax will be very effective.

* Minus “-“. Use when need to remove context. For example: has: attachment -filename: zip, the result is the email containing the attachment but does not include zip files.

* Either (OR) or AND (AND). Put OR and AND in the search syntax to add search options.

For example: from: OR from:, search for emails sent by either of these addresses. Replacing OR with AND, we have emails sent by both addresses.

How to download Gmail apps

Gmail is an application that allows users to send and receive email quickly and conveniently as they develop. So how to download the invitation to download the following Gmail apps on your phone.

Gmail application

Gmail is an application developed by Google, providing free support to users. And Gmail helps people send and receive email easily. Upon successful account creation, users will receive 15 GB of free storage space on Gmail.

Among email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail has grown the most and has the largest number of users.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gmail

Advantages :

The Gmail app has a number of advantages over other email providers. With a user-friendly interface that saves user time, including on phones and PCs. In addition, the Gmail application also allows users to view attachments directly in a variety of formats, such as PDF, Docx, Text, PPtx, etc. The auto-reply feature is also useful for Gmail users. for work, auto-save function, spam blocker …


In addition to the advantages out of the Gmail application there are obvious shortcomings. We can see that Gmail displays a lot of ads that sometimes upset the user. Fortunately Google manages their service very well. Ads appear to contain accurate and non-virus information.

User support features of the Gmail app on the phone

Gmail supports users to send and receive email, notifications for new messages, auto-reply to messages, view attachments in popular formats, and more. Sent with size less than 25 MB. All information on the web and in the phone application is synchronous. Convenient for users to use.

Android is built by Google, so the Gmail app is generally built into a Android phone or tablet. If your device is not already installed, please see the instructions for downloading Gmail to your phone below.

Instructions for downloading Gmail to your phone

The guide to downloading Gmail for iOS and Android phones is similar.

How to download Gmail apps on Android.

Step 1: To download Gmail, from Android phone, go to the Play Store app link or search for apps on the Play Store.

Step 2: Click on Install to install the application.

How to download Gmail apps on iPhone.

First access the app’s path from the phone on the App Store> select settings to download.

So you just watched the tutorial download Gmail to the simplest phone.

How to create Gmail, Google Account?

A Google Account helps you download apps from the Google Play store, send Gmail and access many other Google gadgets. This article will guide you to register for a new Google account.

Before proceeding to register you need to prepare:

  • Phone or computer with internet access.
  • Some phones are used to activate the account after registration (Note: one phonenumber only registered about 3 times, should use phone number has never been used to register account).

Sign up Gmail account

Step 1: Visit the registration site here

Step 2: Fill in the necessary information.

  • Full Name: Enter your full name in this field
  • Choose username: username can be letters or numbers and must be 6 characters long (note: username can not be the same as registered person)
  • Generate password: Password consists of 8 characters or more, preferably both letters and numbers
  • Confirm your password: Enter the password you entered in the Create Password section
  • Birthday: fill in the date of birth and year of birth
  • Gender: sex selection
  • Mobile phone: Select the area code and then enter your phone number (Note: this phone number must receive the message to receive activation message from Google)

After filling in the information you choose to continue.

Step 3: Then appear the security panel and terms, we scroll down at the bottom of the text I agree will emerge, click here.

Step 4: Continue to select Text message and select Continue.

Step 5: The machine will ask for the activation code as shown below:

The activation code will be sent to the phone number you entered at the top of the message, the image below is the message received from Google, The number behind the G is the verification code, in your example the verification code. will be “938393”, I will enter this code into the verification code box and click continue, if the screen appears as shown below, you have successfully created the account.


How to change Gmail password (Google Account password)

You first need to understand that Gmail is a Google email service, and any Google service that shares the same account, such as your Gmail account, you already have accounts. Other Google services like YouTube, CH Play, Google Plus … and that account are collectively referred to as Google Accounts.

As such, changing your Gmail password is just a matter of changing your Google Account password, and of course changing the password of other accounts will change accordingly.

Here are the steps to change your Google password (change your Gmail password).

You can click the linkĀ to go directly to step 5, if you do not remember the link then follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: Just go to and sign in if you are not logged in.

Step 2: Once logged in you click the menu icon (9 square dots), select Account c … (my account).

Step 3: Click “Sign in to Google”.

Step 4: Click “Password”.

Step 5: Sign in again and provide new password twice that upper case, lower case, numbers and a special

  • Once the password is entered, click on change password button to confirm changes.

Accomplished! Simply not? Because it is so simple, please change your password regularly to ensure your account is secure! About 1 month change is the most reasonable.

Gmail login

Login Gmail on your computer to check email, send email to friends, or receive email. or Facebook activation email every time you sign up for Facebook using Gmail, etc…

On mobile devices running Android and iPhone we have applications for Gmail login provided by Google, but on your computer you need to visit to be able to login and check Gmail email.

Gmail Login on a Web browser on computer

When you have a Gmail account you can sign in to check email, email or download documents for your friends to share.

However, if you do not have a Gmail account then you need to register for new Gmail.

If you want to sign up for Gmail, click here to see instructions for creating your own Gmail account.

What is a Gmail address?

The Gmail address is Google’s email address, followed by, where you can easily find your Gmail address all over the internet, such as,… Gmail address for sending email: you can send text, documents, pictures, audio software from your computer to friends via their email address.

To read the message you send via Gmail, just log in to Gmail or their email to view, With the mail through Gmail it takes less than 1, 2 seconds to be able to send mail to relatives either way 1 round the world.

Gmail login instructions

Step 1: Access through your web browser:

The Gmail login interface looks like this:

Step 2: Enter your email address, my example is

Click Next or “Next” to continue the Gmail login.

Step 3: Enter your gmail password to Gmail automatically login.

Click “Sign in” to login your Gmail email account. If the password is correct, the loading interface ************** appears as follows.

However, if you enter the wrong password you will receive the message “Wrong password. Try again or click Forgot password to reset it” as shown below:

Once successfully logged in and all the email content downloaded, you will see a Gmail interface that looks like this:

Note: Components in the Gmail interface

1. Red part: These are email sorting tags by categories:

Primary Card: Contains important emails that people send to you

Social Cards: All emails from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or other forums sent to you are automatically added to the social tag.

+ Ad Tags: It’s great Gmail can see what emails are ads and filter them to the Ad tags so the Primary tag is very clean, you’re not bothered a lot.

2. The green part:

In the green section lists the entire email you received in your inbox, the emails you read will be in lower case, and the emails you have not read will be highlighted as shown in the picture. on.

The mailing list is divided into three sections: the sender’s name, the title and a small snippet of the message in the second column, and the time in the third column.

3. At the purple: The Submit button is for when you want to send a message to someone, click on it to open the Gmail email tool.

4. In the blue section: You’ll see the Inbox, Starred, Sent, Drafts, and more. This is the place to categorize the types of incoming and outgoing mail, which are important messages that are not easily accessible to you. Just click on each item you will understand.

Check Gmail, Open Email and Delete Email

To open a message just click on the message headline that is open to read, a Gmail message looks like this:


How to delete 1 or more emails in Gmail:

If you receive too many emails every day and want to delete them, or you receive strange emails do not want to read because it may be viruses, advertising or spam emails, or email Gmail has finished reading and then deleted for If you have a large space then you do the following:

To delete one or more emails in your gmail list, just check the email that you want to delete, then click the Delete button as shown below:

To sign in to Gmail securely and not be afraid to lose your Gmail account:

The status of Gmail after login but forget to exit outside the net and then change the Gmail password is a lot so to avoid losing Gmail account when signing in Gmail net or other computers note as follows:

– Set Gmail password long unpredictable.

– Type the password fast and do not let the stranger see the keyboard at typing.

– When logging in strange machine, net shop missing the button “Maintain login”.

– After using Gmail, remember to sign out of your Gmail account so that others will not be able to send you junk email or hijack your Gmail by changing your password:

– How to sign out of Gmail: Simply click on the small iCon in the upper right corner, then click the “Sign Out” button as shown above.

Please note: If you do not sign out whether you close the browser tab or close the browser, when people go to your email will automatically login again. Be careful when Gmail logs in.